When Versare attended the FSB International Trade Fair nearly four years ago, they met personnel from GABSPORT Peru, a firm dedicated to recommending, installing and maintaining synthetic sports and recreational surfaces. Years later, after installing a new synthetic surface for Estadio El Olivo de Abancay’s pitch located in Abancay, Peru, GABSPORT was called upon to recommend an optimal turf cover for their world-class football pitch.

Estadio El Olivo de Abancay, developed and managed by the Regional Government of Apurimac, needed a cover for their new turf that was both protective and would enhance the use of the stadium for community events. From GABSPORT’s research and discussions with Versare, they determined the best option for the El Olivo Stadium would be EverBase 3 Modular Flooring.

In early 2023, Apurimac put the project and purchase of the flooring out to bid. Versare Flooring worked closely with GABSPORT to develop the winning bid. Key to satisfying the requirements of the stadium and the Apurimac government were the ability to:

  • Create a smooth, stable surface for non-sporting events
  • Keep the new synthetic turf pristine and players safe following use
  • Adapt to changing temperatures without buckling or degrading the surface
  • Be an affordable solution that would also support repeated use over time

GAPSPORT recommended EverBase 3 Solid Top flooring tiles as the turf cover of choice. Not only would EverBase 3 Solid Top flooring provide a seamless surface for any event the stadium wished to host, but the EverBase package included expansion joints that would allow the tiles to adapt to fluctuations in temperature. Apurimac was also able to purchase a complete flooring system for an extremely affordable price when compared to the other bids they received.

Production and Delivery Despite of Global Challenges

In 2022, supply chains and international transport companies were still reeling from the Covid pandemic. Built as a world-class football stadium, the sheer product resource requirements meant the Versare production team had to work smart to source the necessary raw materials due to power outages and freezing weather in Texas, where most of these plastic materials are made. With smart supply chain relationships and timely delivery, Versare was able to complete the order within record time despite material challenges.

Versare prepared 60 palettes of EverBase for shipment to Peru and then encountered one of the biggest problems facing international suppliers. Container shipments were not only extremely expensive, they were backlogged due to the resurgence of demand. Due to Versare’s strong relationships with shipping companies, they sourced a supplier to ship the three 40-foot containers. Although delayed by several weeks, the team was able to make up time once the product was on the ground.

Fast Installation and World-Class Support

Versare personnel traveled to Abancay, Peru to assist with the initial installation and fit of the new EverBase turf cover to the El Olivo Stadium’s pitch. With a motivated GABSPORT and stadium crew, the EverBase reinforced, toolless connector system allowed for quick installation and a seamless professional surface that provides a solid support base for all types of activities, including heavy equipment.

Regional government officials, stadium operations management and GABSPORT were pleased that the new cover didn’t damage or cut the new synthetic grass and continue to use EverBase flooring to regularly host artistic and cultural activities in their stadium.

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