The Most Advanced Event Flooring System

Introducing EverBase 4

The lightest and only heavy-duty, driveable flooring system that installs fast with no tools.

A Revolutionary Approach for Temporary Flooring

Toolless, lightweight and strong. EverBase 4 (EB4) is an innovative, heavy-duty modular flooring system to support a wide range of situations – from turf protection to temporary tent flooring, staging, work/construction areas, and more. EB4 creates a safe and seamless floor surface with enhanced support for heavy equipment and structures. And as the only flooring system that requires no tools, EB4  makes installation and tear down quicker and easier – lowering operational costs and saving time.

EverBase 4

Remarkably Strong. Easy to Use and Install.



Starting at 29 lbs per tile, EB4 is the lightest heavy-duty cover on the market. EB4 requires only one person to lay individual tiles compared to other solutions that require two.



No cam locks required! EB4 installs fast and requires no tools. With a revolutionary interlocking connector system, simply nest tiles together and keep your operating costs low.



Engineered and manufactured for strength, EB4 is both durable and rugged to protect surfaces while supporting heavy equipment and structures.

Smart Product Engineering. Big Benefits.

– Lowest initial purchase price of any drivable flooring.

– Lowest operating cost, including installation, use, tear down, and storage.

– Fastest modular flooring install time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EverBase 4 made of?

EB4 is manufactured using high-density polyethylene with structural modifiers to improve strength and reduce weight.

How much weight can EverBase 4 bear?

EB4 delivers a load capacity of up to 100,000 lbs per sq/ft – more than enough strength to support the weight of cranes, heavy equipment, semi-trucks, stages, and structures.

How long does it take to install EverBase?

Unlike other flooring products, EB4 doesn’t require any tools, making it much faster to install. And because EB4 is lightweight, tiles can be assembled in up to 50% less time compared to other solutions on the market.

Does EverBase 4 come with a warranty?

We stand behind our flooring products and provide a 3-year warranty for EverBase 4.

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