There hasn’t been any innovation in temporary flooring for over a decade. But now, with new EverBase 4, comes a revolutionary toolless and lightweight flooring that rivals other heavy-duty products on the market. EverBase 4 is an entirely new paradigm that upends traditional turf and surface coverings. EverBase 4  installs and uninstalls quickly and easily and is competitively priced – saving you time, money and headaches while protecting your surface.

For too long, temporary flooring for stadium turf, arenas and events has been cumbersome and hard to install, requiring more staff, more tools and parts to create a safe, smooth surface. It’s time for a change.

Now,  EverBase 4 (EB4) eliminates all the headaches typically associated with event flooring systems. EverBase 4 is the industry’s lightest-weight modular flooring in its class, delivering performance that’s superior to other heavy-duty flooring on the market at a lower cost. It’s your new win-win when hosting events at your venue.

Completely toolless temporary flooring

EverBase 4 is a completely toolless flooring system. Unlike the nearest competitors in the field, EverBase 4 has:

  • No moving parts
  • No camlocks
  • No extra steps involved

EB4’s unique connector system allows you to align and drop tiles simply and efficiently, one after another. All you need are your hands. Since there are no camlocks or other parts needed – you can rest easy that nothing will be left on the field to mar the surface or endanger players.

Lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install

EverBase 4 is the lightest weight heavy-duty flooring system on the market. While other tiles are awkwardly sized and require two people to carry –  one person can easily carry a single EB4 tile. And because there are no tools required to lock tiles in place – fewer people are required to install and uninstall. Using EverBase 4 means:

  • Fewer people to install and uninstall
  • Lower labor costs

This revolutionary new system makes installation and teardown quicker and easier – lowering your operational costs and saving time.

Amazing strength

EverBase 4 is the strongest on-field open bottom flooring on the market, delivering 75,000 lbs/sq foot compared to 29 – 53,000 lbs/sq foot. A unique honeycomb design introduces greater weight bearing while keeping the tile under 29 lbs. EverBase 4 will easily handle:

  • Heavy equipment, staging, cranes and semi-trucks and trailers

EB4 open-bottom flooring includes characteristics that also protect your investment – allowing grass to breathe and continue growing. EB4 will keep your turf, pitch or field of play alive and thriving as you add events to extend your revenue potential.

Lowest initial and operating cost

EverBase 4 makes it easy to invest to protect your sub-surface. It’s the lowest-cost, lightest-weight temporary flooring that performs better than other heavy-duty flooring on the market today.  Compared to other flooring systems, EverBase 4 delivers the:

  • Lowest initial purchase cost
  • Lowest recurring operating cost

EverBase 4 is the smartest decision you can make to make hosting events the easiest and most cost-effective at your venue.

Do you want to make hosting events easier, faster and better than ever? If you’re interested in superior performance and a better return on your investment – request a sample or schedule a demo of EverBase 4 today.