New EverBase 4 toolless flooring challenges all the traditional conventions of temporary flooring. It’s the lightest weight flooring that delivers performance superior to other heavy-duty products on the market. Even better – there are no moving parts or tools required.  EverBase 4 is completely toolless, making it fast to install and uninstall with fewer people.

Time is money when you’re planning and hosting events at your venue or stadium. You need to protect the surface of your stadium, ice rink or arena, and you need that protection to be as quick and painless as possible to deploy and install.

Enter EverBase 4 (EB4) – a revolutionary flooring system that defies typical conventions for temporary flooring. EB4 is the industry’s lightest-weight modular flooring in its class that delivers performance that’s superior to other heavy-duty flooring on the market.

Fewer people for fewer hours = lower cost, more events, and more revenue.

EverBase 4 is a completely toolless flooring system, there are no moving parts, camlocks or extra steps involved. All you need are your hands – just drop tiles in place and walk away. EB4’s unique connector system allows you to align and drop tiles simply and efficiently, one after another. This revolutionary system makes EB4 installation and teardown quicker and easier – lowering operational costs and saving time.

As the lightest weight heavy-duty system, one person can easily carry a single tile and during installation, there’s no need for someone to follow with a tool to lock tiles in place. EB4 requires fewer people to install and uninstall, helping you reduce labor costs by up to 33%. Competitively priced, EB4 offers an initial capital investment equivalent to or better than other temporary flooring products on the market.

Less weight and 2X the strength.

As the lightest weight product on the market, EverBase 4 delivers astounding strength. It’s the strongest on-field open bottom flooring on the market – delivering 75,000 lbs/sq foot compared to 30-35,000 lbs/sq foot. The unique honeycomb design of EB4 hollow bottom uses geometry found in nature to deliver the strongest, heavy-duty tile that weighs under 29 lbs. EB4 will handle heavy equipment, staging, cranes, semi-trucks and trailers while protecting the surface beneath.

Characteristics that protect your investment.

EverBase 4 is designed to give the greatest protection to one of the most important stadium investments, its turf. The EverBase 4 open bottom tile allows the grass to breathe and respirate and allows transpiration – keeping the turf alive and thriving while being covered. EB4 can handle a 40-degree temperature change without buckling and is also designed to accommodate a 1-degree slope on a standard FIFA football field to better adjust to the crown of the pitch for a professional soccer field.

Get ahead of the curve.

EverBase 4 is designed to make hosting events easier, faster and better than ever. If you’re interested in superior performance and a good return on your investment – request a sample or schedule a demo of EverBase 4 today.