The Challenge
Protecting a new turf field and track from damage during on-field events.

Shortly after the installation of an expensive synthetic turf field, Joe Cooney, the facility manager for Chelsea High School, learned that the school planned to hold its graduation ceremonies in the stadium. The turf field and track replacement was one of the most expensive capital investment projects the school had ever undertaken. Cooney needed to ensure the new surfaces weren’t damaged by foot and vehicle traffic—and that they remained safe for staff, student athletes and guests.

The Requirements
A protective solution that’s easy to store and quick to install.

It’s imperative that the school’s synthetic turf remain in top shape for football practice and regular season play. The school district wanted a modular floor that would protect its expensive turf, while providing pedestrian access and a solid, safe surface for graduation attendees. The district also wanted a driveable heavy-duty surface for stage building and vehicles access.

But with limited storage, they needed a compact turf cover system they could store in two offsite shipping containers—and quickly install using a minimally skilled crew.

The Solution
EverBase®3 modular flooring for synthetic turf protection and EverRoad® access mats.

Cooney compared synthetic turf protection systems and decided that the protective capabilities of EverBase®3 modular flooring made it ideal for the district’s needs. He chose the EverBase 3 solution because it is:

  • An attractive surface for events.
  • Compact for easy transport and storage.
  • Easy to install with a minimally skilled crew.
  • Seamless for a safer surface for high-heeled visitors.
  • Tough enough for both pedestrians and light equipment.
  • Compatible with EverRoad® access matting for heavy equipment.

The Results

The first step was to lay down a protective temporary roadway of EverRoad® access matting across the track and field, from the gated vehicle entrance to the graduation area on the other side. This heavy-duty roadway supported the transport of flooring from the storage area to the field.

As graduation approached, approximately 10 people arrived on-site to assist with the installation, including an EverBlock team member who was there to help. The flooring was installed over a two-day period. Installers worked row by row, using their feet to easily snap the flooring together.

Next, staging and seating was installed over the flooring. Seating covered both the turf area and the rubber track in front, spanning an area from the field to the bleachers. Both the school’s graduation and the flooring solution were a huge success. Students, families and faculty were comfortable and safe—even when in high heels—during this milestone event.

After the graduation ceremonies, the crew was able to easily dismantle the floor into sections; these were stored on pallets and containerized for future use. Best of all: When the flooring was removed, the school’s field was in perfect shape with no damage or wear — and ready for play.

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