Versare, the leading manufacturer and provider of modular building systems and portable flooring is working with the South Carolina National Guard and Emergency Management Division to provide 40 pallets of interlocking modular tent flooring for access into tented structures set up for recovery efforts of COVID-19.

Close to 3,000 EBF3 modular flooring tiles were shipped to the South Carolina National Guard warehouse, where sections will be then transported to several hospitals and regions across South Carolina.

EverBase 3 industrial tent flooring is designed for heavier duty use and traffic, using a reinforced connector system to create a seamless floor surface support base for all types of activities.

Installation using Versare Flooring’s EBF3 industrial flooring tile is quick and efficient using a proprietary high-speed connection system, and does not require any tools or material handling equipment. Sections transport in sheets of 4 (12 sq/ft) as a 3ft x 4ft single sheet, allowing sections to be nudged in place and snapped together using a “hands-free” connection system.

Versare responded to the call to deploy EverBase 3 flooring within a few days, enabling the installation teams to deploy modules to each hospital region quickly.

Versare, a Minnesota based company manufactures life-size modular building blocks, modular sanitary divider walls to segregate populations and portable industrial flooring systems used for homeless shelters, temporary hospital installations, disaster relief facilities, and for disease spread mitigation.